Schedule of Events

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Day 1
11 Jan 2022
Day 2
12 Jan 2022

Welcome Chair Barbara Alley, NuWest Milling

Introduction of Students Attending

Working with Contractors and Onboarding Considerations When They Transition to Full Time Employees

Learn about the dos and don’ts of bringing contract labor into your company. This presentation will help you identify who is responsible for what and how to avoid any legal pitfalls. From the impact of leave laws to safety training, learn what needs to be addressed to stay in compliance. The program will go over techniques to describe to the vendor what you are looking for in a contactor or temp employee. Our speaker, Victoria Dolan is a Human Resource Consultant at Holden Law Group. She has a wealth of practical experience in temporary staffing and human resources. Before joining the firm, she was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for a large, successful bank after a long stretch in the staffing industry. She knows people and how to get things done. Victoria Dolan, SPHR, PHRca, SHRM-SCP, Holden Law Group

Evolution of Feed Mill Automation

Over the past 35 years, there have been significant advancements in feed mill automation which have shaped the industry as we see it today. Looking at the past, current, and future of the industry, there are a number of technologies that are proving to be shifting how we think of the next generation of feed mill automation. Brady Gaalswyk, 2nd Generation Owner and Vice President of Sales at Easy Automation, shares his perspective on the state of the industry, and the trajectory for innovation in the coming years. Brady Gaalswyk, Vice President of Sales, Easy Automation

Do You Listen As Well As You Hear?

Join Marty as he sets the tone for his two-part communication program for 2022. He will coach you through a team building exercise and then he will be back on Thursday to go in-depth into the analysis of the group exercise and provide the necessary training and guidance for better communication. Marty Jakosa, Management Consultant/Certified Professional Coach

California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) Update

Jenna Leal will provide an update on how CDFA is currently handling regulations, inspections, training efforts, enforcement and Federal contract work for the feed industry. CDFA provides professional services that support and contribute to a safe, abundant and quality feed supply in California. Jenna Leal, Environmental Program Manager, Commercial Feed, Livestock Drugs, SAFE, AUS at California Department of Food & Agriculture

Legislative and CGFA Update

CGFA’s governmental relations advocate Dennis Albiani will give a legislative report and an indepth look at issues facing our industry such as transportation, use of by-products and upcominglocomotive regulations. Dennis will include a brief update on key pieces of legislation CGFA supports. Dennis has over 24 years of experience in advocacy and public policy. Dennis Albiani, CGFA’s Legislative Advocate/California Advocates Inc.

Behavior Based Observation Safety

Safety is the number one priority, this presentation will guide you through a Road Map to Safety. Art Trejo will share safety alert lessons learned, as well as, the importance of educational training and creating a safe work environmental in a timely manner. Arturo Trejo, Foster Farms

Emerging Regulatory Issues within OSHA and Cal/OSHA

by: Jess McCluer, National Grain & Feed Association and Bill Krycia, MPH, CIH, The Zenith

Latest & Greatest Technology Highlights

The speed dating of new technology! Don’t miss this series of vendors who will each give a 5 minute description on a new idea and/or technology that will help you in your business. These presentors will be part of the table top exhibits where attendees can hear one on one and in more detail about their products. Various Vendors
Day 3
13 Jan 2022

Agriculture, Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Alison Van Eenennaam, Ph.D., will share insights on agriculture, environmental sustainability and climate change, alternative meats, growth in meat production, and genetic innovations. Her research focus of the Animal Genomics and Biotechnology Program is to provide research and education on the use of animal genomics and biotechnology in livestock production systems. The research focus of her lab is the use of DNA-based biotechnologies in beef cattle production and agricultural systems. Alison Van Eenennaam, Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Nuts and Bolts: Managing Essentials

This session will review the tried and true elements of an effective supervisor; communication, motivation, discipline and job evaluation. Discussion will include navigating changes of today’s multigenerational workforce. Anna Genasci, Stanislaus County Farm Bureau

360 Degree Communication Within Your Sphere of Influence

In this highly interactive presentation, you will be debriefed on the session from the day before and learn more in-depth about yourself and your style of speaking, listening and communication. Marty Jakosa will share with you the tools to help you and your team gain insight, increase your individual and collective impact, improve your collaboration, and strengthen your communication skills. Marty Jakosa, Management Consultant/Certified Professional Coach